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Pyro's Ring 2.0 by pyroxyz Pyro's Ring 2.0 :iconpyroxyz:pyroxyz 1 0 Coin Pendant WIP by pyroxyz Coin Pendant WIP :iconpyroxyz:pyroxyz 1 3 Folded Coin Rings WIP by pyroxyz Folded Coin Rings WIP :iconpyroxyz:pyroxyz 1 11 Pyro's Ring WIP by pyroxyz Pyro's Ring WIP :iconpyroxyz:pyroxyz 6 7 Wat? by pyroxyz Wat? :iconpyroxyz:pyroxyz 2 17
Acronym poem: Me
Native Californian
:iconpyroxyz:pyroxyz 3 13
I enter the house in the dying light,
Shadows growing,
Eating away at all that is sane and rational.
Every sound seems amplified in my fright
As I open the door for I know not why.
The gloom sucks me in
And some unseen hand pushes me onward.
What ghastly adventure lies ahead?
I can only wonder
And tremble in fear as I enter the room.
What was that?
A shadow there where none ought be
In the corner of my eye.
I turn, but it's gone as quick as it came.
A sound, creaking, slapping
Like footsteps in the floor above.
I was sure I was alone
But was that really true?
I go up the stairs to investigate,
But I feel a chill run up my back.
I quickly turn to look
To see a mist fade away.
What had been there now gone,
Frightened, I went on.
I saw footprints where I had heard them before.
Red, they went across the floor and stopped at the door.
I look up to see a face.
Ghastly, it screams
And I awake,
Glad it had been nothing but a dream.
:iconpyroxyz:pyroxyz 7 14
Easter AF by pyroxyz Easter AF :iconpyroxyz:pyroxyz 2 2
Heaven and Hell
I enter in to sleep last night,
Hurting, lonely, wanting more.
And I awake to a place of wonders
Where I found my deepest desires granted.
A beautiful, unconditional love,
Adventure, happiness.
It was terrible.
For a few short hours
I had everything I ever wanted,
Only to have it torn away
With the knocking on my door.
Now I'm left awake, bewildered,
Worse than when I went to sleep.
Turmoil in my heart,
I have one question left to ask:
Why did God allow me to experience
Heaven while I'm asleep
Only to throw me back into
Hell now I'm awake?
:iconpyroxyz:pyroxyz 6 2
The Mistakes
Please don't be angry at my mistakes.
I'm human, and that's all it takes
To start screwing things up.
I know I've said and done some bad things,
But I promise we'll profit from all the learnings.
Believe me, I'm tired of seeing things blow up.
I'm tired of all the yelling.
The feeling it gives is compelling
To try harder and not give up.
So please don't be angry with me.
I'd much rather that we
Learn together and not break up.
:iconpyroxyz:pyroxyz 3 0
Recharging my Muse?
Awake all last night,
I hope to regain my muse.
Just another day.
:iconpyroxyz:pyroxyz 0 0
Py's Haiku
My adventure done,
A beautiful treasure found.
The love of my life.
:iconpyroxyz:pyroxyz 1 0
Mature content
A Sensual Haiku :iconpyroxyz:pyroxyz 4 2
Love the Broken
A heart so deeply broken
Is beautiful to me.
I see the pain, I see the hurt
And I feel drawn to it.
So easy for me to fall in love
With those I hardly know
When they give me glimpses
Of their brokenness.
I see the shattered pieces
And I wonder how they go back together.
A beautiful puzzle.
One I can but try to solve.
I wish to see the brokenness,
And try to put it back together.
Then watch you, mended
Fly away and do so much more.
:iconpyroxyz:pyroxyz 10 2
A Gentle Storm
Lightning flash and thunder crash,
Bringing peace to my harried soul.
Amidst the chaos there is calm
As the rain brings back life to the land.
In the dark I see the light
In the quiet I hear the boom.
And I smile
As I sit here on the bench.
The storm dies down
And I wish to follow
And go where it takes me
But I stay, calmer than before.
:iconpyroxyz:pyroxyz 4 0
A Beautiful Two
Such beauty in two
As here I lay in bed with you.
This love we have, almost divine,
For I am yours, and you are mine.
Here we lay as one
Under the watchful eye of the sun:
Souls mingling,
Hearts tingling.
Yet not perfect are we,
For there are sure to be
Some bumps and turns along the road
Where we will reap what we have sowed.
:iconpyroxyz:pyroxyz 3 10


To My Son
At 19 I had a child
No going out and running wild.
But my son, my pride and joy.
My one reason to keep going.
Two years pass and I’m still happy.
He does a lot that keeps me laughing.
He runs and plays and doesn’t stop.
Then he picks things up and… Drop!
Though he can leave me uneasy
And make me get all queasy
Simply from things he does
But I know in me he trusts.
To catch him when he throws himself.
But to catch him I hurt myself.
Even with these times of stress
I wouldn’t trade for any less.
Soon my son will be full grown
And go off in this world alone
Though I will be here for backing
He has to learn to take the whacking.
He won’t always have me here
So I am to teach him to steer
His way through life he wonders so.
Though with my teaching he can go
And not just scrape by.
But become better than I.
To follow his dream
As well as be happy.
But in the end he will find
No love more than mine.
For he is my son
:iconthornicaroze:ThornicaRoze 2 3
-I Bring Death- by oomizuao -I Bring Death- :iconoomizuao:oomizuao 852 22
Mature content
New Light :iconlucifer-poison-angel:Lucifer-Poison-Angel 3 10
Made a Shovel Knight Cover!! COME LISTEN~
Come hither and have a look! FOR SHOVELRY.
This soundtrack was so much fucking fun to cover, it's devilishly beautiful.
Lemme know what you think! Perhaps give the original a listen and then make a comparison?

Sorry for the tags, I'm just seriously freaking psyched about this. >v>
:iconpastaunit01:PastaUnit01 3 18
Me and Jesus
    I normally don't post my beliefs, but I had to today. pyroxyz had a post that made me remember how important he is. How He has saved my life many times, from myself and others. How he saved my family from tearing itself apart. I am happier now and so glad to be getting back where I need to be. Thanks pyroxyz for reminding me.
:iconthornicaroze:ThornicaRoze 1 1
Darkest Decision
Words you might know,
A cent for your soul.
You've felt this before,
You know what's in store.
And still you're here,
Facing this fear.
Or is it obsession,
That fuels this aggression?
You can walk away,
Live, yet, another day.
You can give in,
Pleasures from this sin.
What is it worth?
Everything for this curse?
A chance to caress,
To feel this soft flesh.
Or is it the words?
The thoughts, so absurd,
That keep you returning,
To keep your heart burning?
You have a choice.
Heard is your voice.
If you walk away,
Only fantasy stays.
So make angels fall,
They'll heed your call.
Since there's no where to hide,
From the demons inside.
:iconscarletdeath7:ScarletDeath7 9 7
What Friends are For
"I don't like you,
Let's be friends.
You look pathetic,
Who needs trends.
"You're not busy,
Let's hang out.
Oh wait, you're lame,
Go home and pout.
"You're too thin,
Do you eat?
You're such a pig,
Save some for me.
"You don't get it,
Are you dumb?
Your clothes are ugly,
What a bum.
"Hear of makeup?
Fix your face.
Carry a bag with,
Just in case.
"You like to read?
So, you're a geek.
Go eat alone,
You stupid freak.
"I can't believe
You like that guy.
I'll kiss him just
To make you cry."
Who has time
For enemies,
When all your friends
Are just like these?
:iconscarletdeath7:ScarletDeath7 41 17
101 Questions OC Meme
101 Questions You Should Be Able to Answer About Your Character
I have quite a few I could do, but for this I’ll use my O.C. Scarlet since she needs the most development.
1. What is your full name? Do you have a nickname?
Not that it’s any of your business, but my full name is Scarlet Aveline Daniels. You may call me Scarlet. Some close acquaintances call me Scar for short.
2. How old are you? When is your birthday?
I don’t see how this is relevant. I’m approximately 22 years of age, and my birthday is in early winter… I’ve heard strangers refer to it as December.
3. Where were you born? Where do you live now? Are you patriotic?
I was born in Hannamore, a major port city in the country of Erilyn. For now my home base is in the capital, Veridium City. I have no loyalties to any king or country, they’re all the same. 
4. Who are/were your parents? (Names, occupations, personalities, etc.)
My parents. *sigh* I don’t like to th
:iconscarletdeath7:ScarletDeath7 3 14
The Pen is pointless...
...Without the Muse.
:iconscarletdeath7:ScarletDeath7 31 13
Knock Knock
In the shadows
Under the floor
I hear the voices coming through the door
I lay in fear
No place to hide
A poem to distract my mind
One fish
Two fish
Red fish
The voices just keep coming through
No need to hide
Let us inside
We'll take you home by mornings light
So unaware
I scream who's there
And hear them laughing with delight
A creek
A squeak
I can no longer speak
Inside my home they do now sneak
:iconlucifer-poison-angel:Lucifer-Poison-Angel 8 7
A Boy From Louisiana
Liberty spikes
Blue and green
Glowing in the night
A growl
A drawl
Sometimes nothing at all
First taste
Of the dark side
With nothing left to hide
Words fail
But music
Music sets sail
Something I can’t
Can’t understand
Can’t comprehend
Then it’s over
Not just the song
The silence
The sound
No longer around
It’s not the spikes
Or the drawl
Or even the fall
Not the words
Or the music
The habit I can’t kick
Is that darkness
A beckoning high
I still miss
Forever seeking
That consuming tide
Somewhere inside
Because of that taste
Because of the darkness
You took away
What a waste.
:iconscarletdeath7:ScarletDeath7 8 25
STAR WARS: Finn by Qissus STAR WARS: Finn :iconqissus:Qissus 526 29
Words That Describe Me
Devious (obviously)
:iconthornicaroze:ThornicaRoze 1 0
Pervy Sage by DeViAnTShAdY Pervy Sage :icondeviantshady:DeViAnTShAdY 3 1 Forgive me (destiel poem) by PinkBucky Forgive me (destiel poem) :iconpinkbucky:PinkBucky 339 98 Pyridian Jace Akron by PastaUnit01 Pyridian Jace Akron :iconpastaunit01:PastaUnit01 2 4




So, I finally have two rings on order for two different people, both $50 projects, which entails that I make the absolute best product that I can, and I expect them to be next to immaculate. But lemme tell you, it is really stressful work trying to go for that kind of quality when I'm working on such small details and fairly tight tolerances where marring is concerned (Basically as close to zero as I can get with a hand dremel and a grinding bit that has to constantly be shaped as I go because it wears out so quickly.) Needless to say, I'm super excited to have my first customers, but the quality of work I need to maintain brings a lot of stress, so I've had to take a few breaks as I go to unwind all the tension. Thankfully I've gotten past the hard part on the first ring, so it should be pretty smooth sailing beyond that point.
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Daily... by prosaix

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STFU Stamp by urnightmare
'Notes make me feel special' stamp by Synfull .:Smile Toothless:. by OxAmy Minecraft Hipster by Amazing-Mister-Moose Minecraft stamp by fwyrl eat flesh stamp by thechaosproject Ceiling Creeper Stamp by HybridAir Stamp by WendyAtticus


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:iconpastaunit01:PastaUnit01 : This dude is an awesome musician, storyteller, artist, and a great guy in general. We very quickly became friends and have so far done some pretty great things together. So go visit his page and give him a llama for me!

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